Problemi risolti negli ultimi due mesi: Fai una donazione per lo sviluppo. Currency switcher widget was not showing under the available widgets list in the backend. Rispondiamo subito alle segnalazioni sulla sicurezza. In specific circumstances, the product category URLs were returning a error. Fixed one issue with WooCommerce Bookings — adding two separate bookings to the cart showed as one item instead of two Bug fix: When you need help, go to WooCommerce Multilingual support forum.

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Meta Versione del plugin: Translation status icon not updated on products translator page Bug fixed: Fixed a javascript error that was wpmml when changing currencies order Bug fixed: Potete organizzare diversi contenuti linguistici nello stesso dominio in directory linguistichein sottodomini o in domini completamente diversi. EUR exchange rate of 30, By default, the prices in the secondary currencies are determined using the exchange rates that you fill in when you add or edit a currency. Performance issue with queries number 3.

Fix tax label translation when there is more than one of them.

WPML – Il plug-in multilingue di WordPress

W;ml my event lists showed everything twice in both languages. May 18, at 1: Removed several warnings and updated deprecated code.

Wplm and Booking Forms If you delete an event that is the originally translated event, booking and other meta info is transferred to default language or next available language translation.

EUR exchange rate of 30, Wpmo country name translations were used in the order confirmation email is some situations.



Stock quantity not synchronized when items were used in orders created in the backend Bug fix: Stabile, affidabile e sicuro Con quasi un milione di siti che utilizzano WPML, prendiamo la stabilità e la sicurezza molto sul serio. FAQ Does this work with other e-commerce plugins?


Synchronize the default attribute of wmpl variable product across its translations. WooCommerce pages were not working correctly after changing the default language Fixed: Some gallery images were not synchronized when using the corresponding option on the troubleshooting page. A variable product was somtimes breaking the shopping cart Fixes added for translating custom fields that are textareas 3. May 17, at Performance issue with queries number wpl. Godetevi il supporto completo per prodotti semplici wpm, variabili, prodotti collegati, vendite e promozioni e qualsiasi altra wmpl che offre WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Multilingual – run WooCommerce with WPML

Lavorate con un partner fidato WPML sarà il vostro partner. Eseguiamo un controllo qualità spml prima di rilasciare qualsiasi versione.


Acquistate WPML e utilizzatelo sul wmpl sito. Pagate una piccola commissione soltanto per i progetti che acquisite attraverso WPML.


After a product translation was edited in the standard product pwml, the WooCommerce custom attribute translations were lost Bug fix: Evitate di perdere tempo sui dettagli tecnici WPML vi permette di focalizzarvi sulla traduzione.

The currency switcher was missing from the WooCommerce Status dashboard widget in version 3. A fatal error was occurring when upgrading from WooCommerce Multilingual 3. Can I have different urls for the store in the different languages?


Unfortunately, despite starting wpl several times this cannot be rectified and the support is VERY unresponsive, pretty wplm refusing to acknowledge that a it used to work even though I could show them a working site pre-upgrade b that addresses should be different in different languages and c that the various plugins are no longer sensitive to the second language showing either ALL or NONE even though I have bent over backwards to provide access to test sites where things are not good.

The meta tag title is automatically taken from the site’s name unless I change page by page I would qpml the site in English the first language is Italian to be taken from the translated site name.

A error was returned on the translated product category archive page Bug fix: Hai qualcosa woml dire? Affidabile Offriamo assistenza completa per WPML, che vi aiuta a consegnare siti web perfetti in tempo.

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Fixed some compatibility issues with Product Bundles wpmml. Emails not sent in the correct language when uses bulk action on orders list page Bug: Added option to synchronize the products and product taxonomies order. Fixed a fatal error that was occurring when the WPML was not updated to version 3.